Systems Engineer(Docker with Pivotal cloud foundry)

Systems Engineer(Docker with Pivotal cloud foundry)

Role: Systems Engineer(Docker with Pivotal cloud foundry)

Location: Pennington, NJ

Full Time

Job Description:

Master-level knowledge and expertise in Docker, the software containerization technology and platform. At least 1 year experience with proven expertise in application containerization management with Pivotal cloud foundry, Windows 2016 containers, Mesos, Kubernetes or Swarm.

  • Master-level expertise windows in
  • Master-level expertise in Linux kernel and operational system fundamentals. Proven knowledge, skills and experience in programming with java, golang or C language, etc.
  • Experience with industry-standard Configuration Management solutions such as Ansible or Puppet.
  • In-depth knowledge of performance engineering and best practices around developing micro services (stuff like 12factor, understanding abstractions between infrastructure and application levels).
  • Change management and fault tolerance design experience in enterprise containers deployment.
  • Hands on experience on DevOps Continuous integration & Continuous build tools.
  • Experience in diagnosing complex technical issues.
  • Capability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Ability to work or lead a technical team from diversified geography and culture to complete strategic planning, mission-critical design and development work.
  • Strong results-oriented awareness, with an optimistic and enterprising attitude.

Experience in diagnosing complex technical issues

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