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As a Sarian Associate, the following benefits * are available.




Insurance Benefits

We offer medical, vision, dental, disability, & prescription drug coverage.

Bi-weekly Payroll

Direct Deposit

Employees can choose to have their pay deposited into a personal bank account right on the payroll date.

Holiday Pay

We observe six holidays throughout the year: New Years Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Depending on your tenure with Sarian, and your work schedule, you may qualify to receive holiday pay.

Vacation Bonuses

Eligible employees can accumulate vacation bonuses.

Referral Bonuses

Sarian offers referral bonuses every time you refer someone to Sarian who subsequently works 90 days on full time or 160 hours as contractor with us.

Performance Feedback and Rewards Program

Sarian monitors your performance constantly, we consider the reviews from the client teams for those who work onsite. The feedback gained is shared with you, and is used to determine suitability for future assignments and the rewards as per the company policy.

*”Your eligibility for benefits depends upon your placement, hours billed and length of service. Your staffing executive or HR Executive can identify the programs for which you are eligible. The Company reserves the right to modify or eliminate any of its non-legally mandated benefits at any time”.





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